Ward MacDonald

Director of Executive Development and Coaching , Coding Autism

United States

Ward MacDonald works with leaders in the corporate, civil, NGO, and non-profit spheres to develop an honorable, effective and pluralistic form of modern leadership. Beginning where performance optimization leaves off, Ward’s methodology leads his clients to face truer questions: What is driving the performance? Why optimize? What systemic symbols drive the team: money, ideology, coercion, or ego? Where does leadership affirm the ‘shadow side’ at the expense of the team’s emotional core values? Ward helps to cultivate a leader’s innate potential in order for them to achieve greater positive impact in their expanding sphere of concern, responsibility and influence. In coaching, Ward focuses on three developmental areas: • First: optimizing for current performance metrics and operating at one's edge. • Second: asking true questions about one's values • Third: identifying non-conscious assumptions and biases that are inhibiting one's development (the hardest part of development) As an entrepreneur and an expert on leadership presence, Ward is passionate about helping his clients clear a path for greater access to their authentic self.


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