Each year, Solve announces new challenges for which it seeks solutions.

Current Challenges

The current challenges are closed for submissions.

Refugee Education

How can we improve learning outcomes for refugees and displaced people under 24?

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Chronic Diseases

How can we help people prevent, detect and manage chronic diseases, especially in resources-limited settings? 

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Carbon Contributions

How can individuals and corporations manage and reduce their carbon contributions?

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Inclusive Innovation

How do we create a more inclusive, productive, and sustainable economic future for all?

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The current challenges are closed for submissions. Interested in our upcoming challenges which will launch in May?

How Challenges Work

Solve kicks off each new year in May, when it announces new challenges. After that, it launches into three phases of the Solve Challenge Cycle.

  1. Sourcing Solutions
    Anyone can participate in a Solve challenge and submit a solution.
  2. Selecting Solutions
    Those who submit the most promising solutions will be invited to pitch live at a Solve event in front of expert judges and industry leaders. Learn about Solve at the United Nations
  3. Support & Partnerships
    A smaller group of innovators selected by a panel of judges will become Solvers and gain access to Solveā€™s community, which is comprised of other Solvers and Solve members from the private, public, non-proft, and academic sectors who are seeking partnerships and opportunities to implement innovative, scalable ideas. Partnerships between our Solvers and members will be announced at our flagship event Solve at MIT.