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Accepting Applications

2021 Elevate Prize

We are looking for leaders, innovators, activists, and risk-takers who are impacting their community every day. Does your work have the potential to elevate humanity and inspire others to act as engines for social good?

Deadline to Submit Submit an Application


  • The Elevate Prize is open only to applicants from registered nonprofit organizations who are:

    • Founders

    • CEOs

    • Executive Directors

    • Members of their Organization’s Executive Team

  • Submissions must be written in English.

  • Applications must be submitted by an individual on behalf of themselves and their nonprofit organization. 

  • In the event that an organization has multiple Co-Founders, team Members, etc. who are eligible to apply, they must select one individual delegate to submit the application.

  • Individual applicants must be at least 18 years old.

  • Individual applicants must be affiliated with a legally established nonprofit entity/public charity (formed either under U.S. law or under the laws of the country of their residence).

  • Staff members of The Elevate Prize Foundation, Inc., members of the Judging Panel, and such individuals’ family members are not eligible for The Elevate Prize.

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