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Have you considered the power of the brazilian agrobusiness as a potentital enemy to your proposal? Your idea is a threat to their profits, what could avoid you from getting the sources to produce the biodegradable plastics. I would advise you to try to obtain these products from smallers countries in Latin America, such as Peru and Bolivia.

SI SI Sakiko Isomichi

Although I'm personally not familiar with the European packaging landscape, I can see the value of creating alternative packaging. I appreciate your concept contributing to this area!

But I'm failing to see exactly which sector you are hoping to enter/establish. Do you want to supply resources to European clients to make bioplastic or be part of the making and expanding of the bioplastic production? Also, I'd like to see a clear connection between your bioplastic work and your targeted audience such as "women and girls." Look forward to your revision!

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Solve Team

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It looks like your answer to this question and a few others may have been cut off - perhaps because the maximum word count has been reached. Be sure to re-read your answer and make any additions or corrections before the July 22nd deadline!

CL CL Cristina Logg

I am very intrigued by this idea, but I would like to see some concrete examples of the bio-polymer in use/action during the past year of this concept's development. A few additional questions and comments for the team as follows:
1) Have you conducted any sizing of the market gap you propose exists?
2) How have you grown within Nigeria in the last year?
3) Are there any competitors currently operating in this space?

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