Sharon Bort

In response to How technology is integral to our solution:

Consider providing more details regarding the technology behind your solution. More details will only help paint a clearer picture for the judges!

Mr. Md. Maksudur Rahman

Dear Sharon Bort, Thanks a lot for your kind valuable efforts on our solution. We have updated our idea based on your valuable comments.

Sharon Bort

In response to Our solution's stage of development:

Thanks for submitting an Idea! Please note that solutions that are still only at the concept stage are unlikely to be selected. You have until the submission deadline (July 20 at 5pm ET) to prototype and experiment with your idea!

Michael Lenihan

In response to Our pitch:

This is a really interesting idea, Maksudur! One thought, perhaps instead of manufacturing entirely new boats capable of running on solar-power, perhaps you could retrofit boats used by the government and NGOs with your new technology. This might make implementation costs lower.

Mr. Md. Maksudur Rahman

Thanks for your kind encouraging words. We updated our idea based on your valuable comments. You are always most welcome to send your valuable feedbacks.

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