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Team Lead

Deanna MacDonald

KL KL Katharine Leigh

this is a fantastic idea, and could provide real value towards life-cycle analyses of seafood products. I see ways that we could overlap/collaborate if you're interested!

Deanna MacDonald

We agree with your assessment, Katharine! I believe you know our Katherine as well. We will be in touch to discuss this further and talk more about synergies and potential collaboration. With such a grand challenge, it only makes sense that we each contribute our part and make them interoperable to try to collectively solve!

Sharon Bort

Do you have some assets that you can share? It might help the judges review and understand your solution.

Remember to complete as many sections of the application as you can! The deadline for revisions is July 20, at 5pm ET.

Deanna MacDonald

Hey Sharon, could you please expand upon what you are referring to by 'assets'? Which type of assets?

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