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Green Keeper Africa

Removing oil-based industrial pollution with fiber made from invasive water hyacinth

Team Lead

Fohla Mouftaou

Kushik Timilsina

I'm fascinated by the approach to use plants to absorb spilled oil. I am thrilled by the potential of using plants to de-carbonate the sea water, or clean the pollution in the ocean. This is amazing! Wow!

Fohla Mouftaou

We share the same fascination for what the biosphera is able to offer if we dare looking ! Thanks for your comment.


Green Keeper Africa is an amazing company ! It is highly virtuous, as impacted people are fully associated to the positive, ecological, social and economical transformation of one of Africa's major biodiversity problem. Congratulations!!!

Dr. Alexander Dale

In response to What makes our solution innovative:

Can you add details about the amount of water hyacinth available vs. your needs as you scale up?

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