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I am Ansu Kamara. Founder and CEO of KAMARA FOODS COMPANY LTD. I am a former Sale person of Gbotima Enterprise(A family business) palm oil processing service enterprise. I am a final year student pursuing my B.sc in Agricultural-General.

Project name:


One-line project summary:

Kamara Foods project is to embark on larger-scale Nerica rice production to produce both rice and coal briquettes.

Present your project.

The first problem is: 

*The low production of rice in Sierra Leone, and the price of imported rice are overpriced.

The second problem is: DEFORESTATION.

*The high production of wood charcoal has increased deforestation rate.

The proposing project is:

Kamara Foods will embark on larger-scale of Nerica rice to produce both rice and coal briquettes. The coal briquettes will be produce from the waste product of the Nerica rice ( i.e husk and straw).

The Nerica rice has high protein content and amino acid over imported rice, and the cheap price of our Nerica rice can create social stability. Lastly out coal briquettes will save forest trees, save animal lives, and save planet Earth from the destruction of climate change.

What specific problem are you solving?

There are about 7,981,671 people in Sierra Leone and the low production of rice cannot meet the demand of the growing population. The price of imported rice are overpriced. Low-income earners covered 70% of the population. They spend 35.8% of their monthly salary on imported rice. This have created an economical chaos in the country.

Wood charcoal production in Sierra Leone is drastically increasing deforestation rate annually to 4%. Deforestation is leading to the destruction of natural biodiversity. Many animals are getting killed in this processed. Due to deforestation, climate change is creating economical castrophe for both humans and animals.

What is your project?

Kamara Foods project as a company is to embark on larger-scale of Nerica rice production. Nerica rice as a rice variety have high yield potential, short growth cycle (3 months), and it is resistant to many Africa pests and diseases. The Nerica rice will be process and packaged in plastic packages and marketed at an affordable price. The waste products of the Nerica rice( i.e husk and straw) can innovatively use to manufacture coal briquettes. The coal briquettes will be marketed in paper packages at an affordable price.

Who does your project serve, and in what ways is the project impacting their lives?

The population in Sierra Leone depends heavily upon daily consumption of rice. The targetted customers of our two products are low-income earners. Low-income earners struggle everyday to survive. Many low-income earners jump from one job to another seeking opportunities to earn more income, so that they can able to save certain percentage of their income. The daily needs of this people are foods and fuels to cook their foods. Providing Nerica rice and coal briquettes will address their daily needs to survive.

Which dimension of The Elevate Prize does your project most closely address?

Elevating issues and their projects by building awareness and driving action to solve the most difficult problems of our world

Explain how your project relates to The Elevate Prize and your selected dimension.

One of the world most difficult problem are: Hunger and climate change. Kamara Foods project is to solve these problems. To produce enough foods to terminate hunger to produce coal briquettes to create awareness about climate change a d deforestation.

How did you come up with your project?

As a follower of Dr Strive Masiyiwa ( Zimbabwe Billionaire) official Facebook page, I was heavily motivated at a  particular post where he highlighted about the needs of Africa entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs will produce foods for the growing population in Africa. I enrolled into University in 2016 to study Agricultural-General at Njala University with a dream that one day I will become of the foods producers in Africa. In my second year I embarked on half acre maize farming. In my third year I registered my agricultural business into a form of a company. Today as a final year student I am determined to bring high quality foods cheapily to the masses at an affordable price. I am also passionate about climate change. 

Why are you passionate about your project?

Growing up with my mother(A single parent primary school teacher). My mother as a low-income earners was extremely finding it very difficult to purchase an imported rice. Constantly there was always hunger at food, the food was not enough for all of us. Throughout my childhood I was constantly thinking to become a food provider for every family that was undergoing the same problem, we were undergoing.  Unknowingly to me I was manifesting my destiny. Today I want to take action to solve this problem for all families earning low income. As I am going older I am getting more obsessed of climate change, and deforestation. I want to solve these problem too.

Why are you well-positioned to deliver this project?

As an agricultural student, I have acquired a lot of knowledge in the agricultural sector. I am equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to fully positioned this project to become successful.

Provide an example of your ability to overcome adversity.

The difficult situation to Kamara Foods project is the acquiring of a farmland that is located near a river, and that be easily accessible to a road. The second difficult situation to Kamara Foods project is the clearing of the farmland. The team behind Kamara Foods are highly motivated and determined. The team will be divided into groups to scan for good loamy farmland that have all qualities we wants. Lastly we will use intensive labour to clear the farmland. In the future investment will utilize the same method.

Describe a past experience that demonstrates your leadership ability.

As a final year student I have gone through a lot of leadership courses, and I have led a group of students to embark on student research assignment( research topic: opportunities and constraints to the availability of resources for integrated social fertility management in Njala area). As a group leader I ensured that the assignment should turned out successful. My leadership potentiality I have is to motivate and courage others to act and take action.

How long have you been working on your project?


Where are you headquartered?

Jojoima, Sierra Leone

What type of organization is your project?

For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

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