kleopatra Alamantariotou

Hello , Regarding the risk question.
There is always the risk of patients misunderstanding the medical information and acting on it erroneously without consulting his or her doctor, which may cause some harm. That;s why i am every material ( video, tutorial, illustrated handout) we say at the beginning that the x-plain information is general medical information and for the medical advice specific to the patient , the patient should consult with his or her doctor. In printed materials, we have this disclaimer as a footer on every page. Also the Patient education Institute reviews the content of every health topic annually and update it if needed according to research. Medical editorial updates constitute about 50% of our efforts and operations. Every printed material and multimedia programs has the date of the reviewed and updated content.

Vanessa Boulanger

In response to Does this technology introduce any risks? How are you addressing or mitigating these risks in your solution?

how will you ensure that information is kept up to date?

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