Sustainable Food Systems


Bambara Milk

A plant-based milk made from the Bambara Groundnut; creating opportunities for smallholder farmers, remediating degraded land, and providing affordable nutrients to malnourished populations.

Team Lead

Mark Lim

JS JS John Scicchitano

Glad to see attention given to bambara groundnut (and other African superfoods). Bambara Milk is active in Ghana; I noted the six team members in your presentation, lacking African representation. Since then have you added any Ghanaians to the team?

Mr Moses Yangnemenga

In response to Pitch your solution.

Wow! This is a great project or product. I am based in Ghana and my organisation is supporting farmers to access innovative farm inputs. We will like to get in touch and possibly partner in the production and supply of the bambara groundnuts. You can reach my on email: or phone on +233509487006

SH SH Sarah Hobgen

Excellent solution! Look forward to seeing it progress. Let us know if you are looking for partner in Sumba, eastern Indonesia.

Mark Lim

Hi Sarah, yes we are keen to work with communities in Indonesia! We have been looking into Java and Sumatra, but happy to explore an implementation in Sumba as well. Please feel free to connect:

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