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Enabling parent-teacher engagement via a multilingual communication platform

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Heejae Lim

Bal Krishna Shukla

Dear Heejae Lim,
Interesting problem picked up. Your figures of 40-million students in the minority (12%+) of the entire US population (331 Million) seems like an incorrect statistic.
Given the total Student population in the US hovers at 80 Million, 40 million of that being low-income, minority students seems misplaced.

Can you please check your source, and quote any you can find please?


DS DS David Simmons

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A User

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Peter Hubbard

This is such an important issue. We must do a better job finding ways for parents to participate more in the educational process.
Peter Hubbard
Seattle Public Schools

Heejae Lim

thank you Peter!


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