Youth, Skills, & the Workforce of the Future



Preparing dropped-out, underserved youth in Indonesia to pass their exams and succeed in the workforce

Team Lead

Muhamad Iman Usman

ES ES evi susanti

i can't vote, how I can vote?

MR MR Muhammad Rizki Aulia

In response to Our pitch:

Really hope that Ruangguru could expand more of its channel throughout Indonesia and reach the underdeveloped kids outside java island. The unbalance of education between the western and eastern part of Indonesia is the thing that ruangguru should concern as top notch priority,as one of the disruptive startup based in Indonesia ruangguru should be more care of the conventional approach such as offline method teaching to get closer to indonesian kids who never get into internet in their entire life, remember indonesia's internet connection is the second slowest in the world

RA RA Rahma Agun

I can't vote. aaa bingung mana sih caranya

US US Udin Syaif

Good I Love it

RM RM Rivan Maulana

I can't see "vote", how i can vote?

RA RA Rahma Agun

Nah, me too.

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