Nirinjan Yee

CEO, BreathResearch

United States

Challenge: How Can We Help People Prevent, Detect, and Manage Chronic Diseases, Especially in Resource-Limited Settings? 

Solution: Breath Research

Breath Research’s mobile application uses sensitive acoustical analysis to prevent, detect and manage chronic respiratory disease. Equipped with a smart phone and headset users gain insight into their respiratory health through tracking a series of breathing tests at rest and during exercise.

About Nirinjan

Nirinjan Yee is an innovator in acoustic breath pattern recognition and the founder of BreathResearch. Her expertise is in somatic therapy and cardiopulmonary technology. For many years, she has observed breathing patterns in people through looking, listening and palpation as well as from sophisticated cardiopulmonary testing equipment and data. When recovering from a serious chronic illness, she wanted more immediate feedback about the sub clinical and clinical aspects of her own breathing at home. This led to the development of a new acoustic method of respiratory biofeedback, measurement and tracking that occurs through a simple headset and mobile phone app.  It is now her quest to make this technology easily available and accessible to everyone to improve health and quality of life.


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