Pilar Zarate 2224598

Founder, vincle

United States

Social entrepreneur and youth activist fighting to reduce inequality levels in the world. Her involvement with families living in extreme conditions of poverty and violence, and struggling with the internal conflict in Colombia, motivated her to create and lead several social initiatives. Zarate is co-founder at Hands Up Group, a youth community created with the purpose of building peace and helping kids thrive. Youth from different backgrounds have co-created and led social programs that have impacted the lives of thousand kids. Zarate's first initiative HUG has cooperated with local government representatives, FARC members, and the Colombian Reintegration Agency to re-build peace previously and during the peace treaty. Since 2016, moved by the economic barrier that many children families faced, Zarate has been devoted to creating a social business that leverages technology to increase income opportunities and wellbeing of the more than 60 Million domestic workers.


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