Early Childhood Development



A screening system that catches the earliest signs of reading disabilities

Team Lead

Carla Small

Professor Nadine Gaab

Thank you very much for your positive feedback! We very much enjoyed our interview and all the thoughtful and helpful comments. We have been working hard since yesterday to address these open questions for our pitch today.

Venkat Srinivasan

Thank you very much for your pitch today. You did a great job! After debriefing with the judges, we would recommend doing the following for your public pitch on Sunday:
- the solution and product parts of the pitch was a bit unclear. Have you done the screening manually in the past, and now using technology? Can you be more clear about the technology piece and how does this ties with science?
- the fact that you are using a scientific approach to learning provides strong credential - how much has this approach been proven already? Also, it wasn't clear if you tested on 500 users, or 15,000 users?
- This is probably the most important point raised: several people had the feedback that this is just a screening test. It was unclear if there was any follow-up after the screening and how robust it is (or will be)? How will you ensure there is a solid follow-up? Do you plan to implement AI to recommend personalized learning pathways, based on the results of the test?
- It wasn't clear how would you benefit from MIT Solve's community? Is the AI piece? If so, why and how? How about business model? Please don't hesitate to mention this during your pitch tomorrow.
- Some concerns were raised on how do you plan to scale this globally. Will you use AI to translate this test globally? ANy other thoughts? Please share during the pitch if you have time.

Solve Team

Thanks for submitting an application! I see you haven’t submitted a video. Do you have some assets that you can share? It might help the judges review and understand your solution. The deadline for revisions is July 22, at 9am ET.

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