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Rudolph Ampofo

SN SN sherri nelson

Just go through the content of website and i would like to appreciate the efforts have done in this site. This is best and readable too.


IW IW Ida Wallace

Nice to read here blog regarding Teach Mobile by Eneza. Keep sharing more informative blogs.
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MD MD Marika Dalen

How can poor students benefit from your platform?

Mr Rudolph Ampofo Jnr

The product currently is available for under $1 a month for access to curriculum aligned content. With the PPP at $5, we continuously looking at ways to make it cheaper.

As part of out B2B, we have packages which allows corporates to sponsor people to take lessons. We are open to work with corporates, NGOs, foundations and other institutions work with us to make our product available to more poor people

Mr Rudolph Ampofo Jnr

In response to Our promotional video:

Sure. I will do that. Thanks. Hope you liked the video.

TM TM Toni Maraviglia

SO great to see Eneza's movement making it's way across the continent. 5 Million students across such a challenging-to-hit-viral market is no joke!

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