Implementing Solutions

The Care Economy

How can we make giving and receiving care accessible, affordable, and valued for all?

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Lola Adedokun

Executive Director, Aspen Global Innovators Group

Staci Alexander

Vice President, Thought Leadership, AARP

Daan Besamusca

Investment Principal, Open Society Foundations

United States

Caitlin Bristol

Director, Social Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

United Kingdom

Joseph Coughlin

Founder and Director, MIT Age Lab

Quanic Fullard

Senior Associate, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Asayya Imaya

Founder and CEO, Uthabiti Africa


Burhan Jaffer

Founder & Managing Partner, Plasma Ventures

United States

Lara Jeremko

CEO & Founder, Beyond Ventures and advisor to Pivotal Ventures , Beyond Ventures

Sophia Kagan

Chief Technical Adviser, FAIRWAY Programme Arab States, International Labour Organization, International Labour Organization


Dr. Samia Kazi

VP, Arabian Child Corporation , Co-Founder, Global Childhood Academy

United States

Liat Krawczyk

Founder and Head, Childcare Innovation Lab, NYCEDC

Morgan Lance

CEO, OneSky for all children

United States

Malia Lazu

Founder & CEO, The Lazu Group, Lecturer, TIES, MIT Sloan, The Lazu Group

United States

Mariana Luz

CEO, Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation

Charlotte Michailidis

Founder & CEO, Parenthood Ventures

Neela Montgomery

Board Partner, Greycroft Venture Capital

Doug Moore

Executive Director, UDWA Local 3930

United States

Reema Nanavaty

Director, Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA)



Anil Patil

CEO, Carers Worldwide

United Kingdom


Anu Shetty

Principal, Soros Economic Development Fund

Krista Star Scott

Senior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Jennifer Stybel

Caregiving Lead, Pivotal Ventures

Allison Yates-Berg

Vice President, ideas42

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