Solve at MIT 2023

Flagship Event

Connect with Solver teams from around the world

Solver teams

1 Sabrina Habib

CEO and Co-Founder, Kidogo


2 Mr Ronald Kasule

CEO, Dasuns


3 Mr Jonathan Key

Co-Founder, Labour xchange

United Kingdom

4 Ms. Nidhi Mirani

Executive Director, Carina

United States

5 Zeenith Ebrahim

Founder, Jamii Life

South Africa

6 Chelsea Sprayregen

CEO and Co-Founder, Pie for Providers

United States

7 Ashley Barrow

CEO Founder , A Statue of Excellence LLC dba RE-Assist

United States

8 Mr Progress Success Mahureva

Chief operations officer , Dawa health


9 Wenceslas Djokpe

Senior Manager, The Batonga Foundation


10 Sanskriti Dawle

CEO, Thinkerbell Labs


11 Akshita Sachdeva

CEO and Co-Founder, Trestle Labs


12 Rama Kayyali

CEO, Little Thinking Minds

13 Dr. Tahereh Pazouki

Founder and CEO, LetzMath


14 Vanessa Castañeda Gill

Co-Founder and CEO, Social Cipher

United States

15 Suzanne Cole

Co-Executive Director, Operations, Blue Butterfly/Third Sector New England

United States

16 Navya Akkinepally

Head of Training and Impact , Learning Equality

United States

17 Joaquín Gastelbondo

Project Manager, Corpocampo


18 Ines Serra

CEO and Founder, BIOSORRA


19 Mtamu Kililo

CEO, MycoTile Ltd


20 Raphaël Ascoli

Architect Coordinator , Blue Temple


21 Augaly S. Kiedi

Development Officer, reNature


22 Gayatri Datar

CEO, EarthEnable


23 Wolf Bierens

Founder, Easy Housing


24 Anthony Kinslow II PhD

CEO and Founder, Gemini Energy Solutions, LLC

United States

25 Doreen Toutikian

Human-centered designer, cofounder & CEO, omgyno


26 Laura Stachel MD, DrPH

Executive Director and Co-Founder, We Care Solar

United States

27 Erica Plybeah

Founder & CEO, MedHaul

United States

28 Emily Young

CEO and Founder, Moving Health

United States

29 Aishat Adeniji

CEO and Co-Founder, HealthPort


30 Jono McKay

Co-founder, SameSame

United States

31 Emtithal Mahmoud

Senior Growth Manager, Speetar

United States

32 Atif Javed

Executive Director, Tarjimly

United States

33 Ms. Cheri Smith

MIT Solver & 2022 Indigenous Communities Fellow | President & CEO, Founder, Alliance for Tribal Clean Energy

United States

34 Brooke Rodriguez

Director / Founder , Grinding Stone Collective

United States

35 Cree Whelshula

Executive Director

United States

36 Dr. Valerisa Gaddy

Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Arizona

United States

37 Jacquelyn Ingram

Midwife, global health advocate, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Hawaii

United States

38 Brittany Gene

Industrial & Product Designer, Brittany Gene Design,

United States

39 Michelle Schenandoah

Founder & Director , Rematriation / Kanenhi:io Ionkwaienthos

United States

40 Dr. Mary Hermes

Director GIM/ Professor UMN, Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia

United States

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