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Rethink Plastics Challenge

How can consumers, businesses, and governments in Latin America and the Caribbean substantially reduce or eliminate single-use plastic and plastic waste?

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Brune Poirson

Secretary of State attached to the Minister of Ecological and Solidary Transition


Mónica Bauer

Vicepresidenta Asuntos Corporativos , PepsiCo Latinoamérica

Rachel Biderman

Executive Director, WRI Brasil


Juan Pablo Bonilla

Manager, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Sector, IDB

César Buenadicha Sanchez

Chief Discovery Officer, IDB

Sergio Campos

Water and Sanitation Division Chief, IDB

United States

Ta Corrales-Sánchez

Innovation Practice Program Affiliate , MIT D-Lab

Costa Rica

Prof. Michel DeGraff

Professor / Founder & Director, MIT / MIT-Haiti

United States

Christian Del Valle

Founder and Managing Director, Althelia Funds

Rafael Fernandez Quiros

General Manager, World Without Waste, The Coca-Cola Latin America Group

Antonia Gawel

Head, Circular Economy and Innovation, Global Centre for Public Goods, World Economic Forum


Léa Gejer

Founder, Flock and Ideia Circular


María Carolina Gil

New Ventures and Business Models Manager, The Coca-Cola Latin America Group

Ariana Gomez

Founder and CEO, Technology for Impact


Jenna Jambeck

Professor, College of Engineering, University of Georgia

Victor Kortenhaus D. Miranda

Packaging Director, South America Sustainability & Packaging, Ambev


Silvana Lopez

CEO & Co-Founder, The Blockchain Challenge

United States

Keyvan Macedo

Head of Climate Change and Environmental Impact, Natura Cosmeticos

Daniel Mitchell

President, Acoplasticos


Paula Pedro

Executive Director, J-PAL Latin America & the Caribbean

Alejandra Revueltas

Portafolio Manager, New Venture Group

Paloma Roldan-Ruiz

Executive Director, Ciudad Saludable

Edison Terra Filho

Executive Vice President, Braskem


Paula Uribe

Director, Public Policy and Government Affairs, PepsiCo Latinoamérica

Rodrigo Villar

Co-Founder and Partner, New Ventures Group

Manuela Zoninsein

CEO, Founder, Shway

United States

Judging Criteria

Solutions to the Rethink Plastics Challenge will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment: The solution addresses the challenge that has been set forth and has been deployed or there are plans to deploy in Latin America and the Caribbean according to IDB Group's purpose and mandates.
  • Potential for Impact: The planned solution implementation has the potential to impact lives and drive economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean, most of all among vulnerable, and excluded populations.
  • Scalability:  The solution presents a clear path to be scaled to affect the lives of more people.
  • Feasibility: Solution implementation is feasible, and the team has a plan for financial and technical sustainability.
  • Innovative Approach: This is a new technology, a new application of technology, a new business model, or a new process for solving the Challenge, and the team clearly identifies its competitive advantages.
  • Team Capability: The team is well prepared to develop the solution and has demonstrated it has the necessary skills and track record to test, improve, expand, or replicate the solution in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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